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Achieve a Compliance Peace of Mind

Solution overview

Facing surging cybercrime, security compliance is becoming more relevant than ever. Whether you’re a B2B company and would like to sell your services to large enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare and public sector organizations, or you’re a B2C company having to protect your end-user’s private information – you must practice compliance in your product design process, as well as in your databases and organizational security controls.

How Compliance Automation Amplifies Security & Business

Relevant Standards Covered

Relevant Standards Covered

Know which InfoSec standards you are subject to, and make sure your selected vendor supports as many of them as possible. Commonly covered ones are SOC2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. According to your industry and geo, you might be subject to HIPAA, ITGC, CSA, and more.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

You want a solution that integrates with as many business applications as possible. It should take less than a few hours to integrate and should include integrations to most common apps and systems out of the box.

Continuous Evidence Collection

Continuous Evidence Collection

Automatically collect required data from enterprise apps and organize them based on the standard’s format. This ensures the freshness of the company's compliance status with no human intervention.

Plugin-to-control mapping

Plugin-to-control mapping

Utilize your IT stack to drive compliance and stop spending on professional consulting, with direct mapping of relevant plugin evidence to controls.

Implementing Compliance Automation with GlobalDots

  • Compliance Peace of Mind

    Compliance platforms integrate with a growing list of business applications to manage a breathable, constantly updating inventory of evidence, to always reflect the current state of every checklist item.

  • Compliance you can finally understand

    Forget about hiring outside experts! Streamline communication and enjoy translation of controls to a simple common language, shared by your organization and auditors alike.2253

  • Independence & Transparency

    Security Compliance owners are empowered with instant, unhindered visibility into other components and configurations of the New Security Stack related to compliance audits.

  • Time & Complexity Saved

    With automated evidence gathering, the number of people, teams, and departments involved in preparing for a security audit is considerably reduced.

Why Compliance is a Company-Wide Effort

Scope of Work

The project owner needs to research what are the compliance standard’s requirements, which teams need to be involved, what systems they need access to in order to collect the required evidence and basically – how to get started. In some cases there is a need to hire outside experts to get help with this specific field of expertise.

Evidence Collection

Once the project is created, there is a need to start evidence collection, in order to prove to the auditor the company meets the compliance requirements. This is where the heavy lifting of the project lies – taking screenshots, creating procedure documents, downloading graphs and configuration files and organizing all the data based on the compliance standard’s structure.

Involvement of Multiple Teams

Most compliance standards address security across the entire organization, thus require involvement and cooperation from multiple teams: IT, DevOps, InfoSec, HR, Product and more. These teams don’t have any incentive to help the project owner and the whole project is typically perceived as one big time waste from their perspective.

Repeatable and Manual Process

After all the time, efforts and energy invested in this project, assuming the compliance auditor certifies the company and the longed for compliance standard achieved, this is not the end. Most compliance standards require recertifications on a quarterly, bi-yearly or on an annual cadence, since companies change and with them all the configurations, systems and procedures that were certified at one point in time. As the entire project is traditionally done in a manual manner, some of the work will have to be repeated over and over again.

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