Don't Fortify.


Cloud Security Reimagined

The Cloud is Infinite.
So Is Attack Surface.

2021’s Security leaders deal with everything from cloud-native insider threats to staying one step ahead of the unknown. While the cloud is made to amplify and speed up core business processes, the pressure to fortify cloud-borne assets from possible cyber threats painfully slows things down.

GlobalDots harnessed its 17-year cloud security experience to rethink cloud security architecture, considering both today’s threats and need-for-speed.

Protect Your Assets

5 critical solutions to effectively protect your most sensitive business assets, environments, and endpoints.

Identity & Access Management

Seamlessly authenticate all remote interactions with business applications with adaptive MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign-On). Plus, eliminate all manual work related to passwords and permissions:, to fully-automated employee onboarding, offboarding and role change provisioning to enable quick growth.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Secure the environment where employee-application interactions occur by letting only authorized transactions through. Minimize attack surface by enforcing authentication and authorization for employees and limit their access to enterprise resources based on the least privilege principle.


Open Source Security

Monitor and detect open-source dependencies in your code, flag and remediate vulnerabilities - all prior to production. Allow your developers to speed up coding using open source repositories, with no pigs-in-a-poke. 


Cloud Workload Protection

Auto-detect & eliminate excessive permissions and misconfigurations in your public cloud workload. Block and correlate suspicious access attempts to sensitive data and exfiltrate it from the cloud. Reduce toil with automated hardening and prioritized alerts.

Compliance Automation Platform

Simplify security audits and controls with one place to manage all security compliance checklists, and automate evidence collection from other business applications - Whether you’re an enterprise, a public organization, a B2B vendor, or a B2C company handling user PII.

Amplify Business

4 solution capabilities to synergize security and speed, by minimizing security friction and interruption to critical workflows.

SaaS Consumption Model

SaaS Consumption Model

No more hardware-based appliances you need to plan and pay for years in advance. The ability to scale your usage up or down and pay for what you use is crucial in today’s rapidly changing reality. Automatic updates to the solution minimize your consumption gap by inheriting the new features of each update.

DevOps & Integrations

DevOps & Integrations

Solutions are cloud-native and can integrate with your existing IT / DevOps tools, like communication (Slack), centralized monitoring / SIEM (Sumo Logic), and employee database (G Suite / Office365 / Active Directory). Their APIs help consolidate reporting and configuration changes to one dashboard.

Noise-Free Alerts & Remediation

Noise-Free Alerts & Remediation

The ability to learn the company's normal patterns and alert / act only on highly suspicious, true positive anomalies. Solutions that have AI or ML capabilities, using big data to determine which activities are malicious and require intervention, and in what priority.

Compliance Assistance

Compliance Assistance

Using security solutions that enable compliance with the common security standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, SOC2, etc. By implementing them, companies can achieve security compliance faster with fewer efforts involved.

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