Zero Trust Network Access

The Cloud-Native Answer for Securing the Distributed Work Environment

Solution overview

No one can be trusted these days, as attackers can gain control of legitimate employees’ laptops and gain access to the corporate network. Zero Trust Access solutions can enforce authentication and authorization for employees and limit their access to enterprise resources based on the least privilege principle to minimize the attack surface.

How ZTNA Amplifies Security & Business



The system identifies the entity requesting access using IdP (Identity Provider) or IAM integration. Once the identity was verified and the device or user was authenticated, ZTNA will grant access only to the applications the user / device are authorized to, based on the least privilege principle.



Users and devices can connect to the ZTNA cloud from anywhere, so do the enterprise applications sending outbound connections from the corporate network to the ZTNA cloud, in order to ensure a secure communication only for authorized users.

Clientless or Client-based Options

Clientless or Client-based Options

Some business applications, especially development-related, require a client for safe, authenticated remote connections. For utmost flexibility and usability, we promote solutions with both options in place, providing the hands-on-keyboard for initial and ongoing configurations.

Global Distribution

Global Distribution

Only a globally distributed Zero Trust network can respond fast from incoming client requests and match them to the enterprise applications regardless of their locations - a crucial trait in a reality of distributed workforce.

Implementing Zero Trust with GlobalDots

  • Zero Maintenance

    We deploy cloud-native solutions. Infrastructure upgrades are therefore invisible and application updates are rolled out with zero downtime to your access. Let someone else manage the platform so your organisation can focus on its core business, worry free.

  • Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

    Introduce your teams with a fast, frictionless login and application access. This minimizes distraction and frustration throughout the workday, improving user experience and overall productivity.

  • One Portal, All Apps

    Reduce administration overheads and improve productivity by creating one source of truth for user access. We’ll help you publish your enterprise application gateway, making sure all your 3rd party and internal tools are accessible from a single gateway.

  • Goodbye VPN

    Moving away from traditional access models has never been easier. Our solutions architects will help you plan and move all of your access from legacy VPN solutions to SSO, to further simplify your access governance.

Some Background

The notion of a network perimeter — where everyone outside the enterprise’s zone of control is malicious and everyone inside is honest and well-intentioned — can’t be relied on in today’s business landscape. Wide adoption of SaaS applications, cloud migration, a growing number of remote users, and an influx of BYOD have rendered perimeter-based security irrelevant. Furthermore, a perimeter-centric defense requires appliance and security policy management and frequent software upgrades, causing operational complexity and taxing already overwhelmed IT teams. 


As the attack surface expands, and tight-budgeted IT departments struggle to govern ever-more-convoluted network architecture, cybercriminals are increasingly proficient, sophisticated, and incentivized to evade security measures. A strategic security framework that addresses these distinct challenges is needed.


A Zero Trust model replaces perimeter-centric security architecture. It ensures that Security and access decisions are dynamically enforced based on authenticated identity, authorized role, recognized devices, and reasonable context. At the same time, it protects trusted applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet.

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